Practicing Stillness: ​How to Tap Into Kindness Through Stillness in 3 Steps by Diana Cole

a year ago

Practicing Stillness: ​How to Tap Into Kindness Through Stillness in 3 Steps

Do you find that you are often moving too fast to stop and give much thought to how you’re speaking to others and what you’re saying to yourself? Maybe you are just too busy, too stressed or too tired to go there.

I have also discovered that practicing kindness toward yourself and others can completely reframe your outlook on life. It can positively alter your perception, and therefore your priorities. Your circumstances soften, and you become lighter and generally happier when you are living in kindness. In order to achieve this, one of the best ways I know is to adopt a practice of stillness.

  1. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and tap into stillness: no thought, no motion, no worry about another place to be or another place to go to. Just breathe and be.
  2. Stillness, sooner or later, allows the noise of the mind to soften into silence. You will experience the calm confidence that comes from knowing yourself, and discover a refreshing feeling of kindness that is already there waiting for you – waiting to renew your relationship with yourself and the people you encounter. Kindness and gratitude naturally come bubbling up from a well of love deep within you when you are still.
  3. Allow the kindness to come. Allow it to melt away the mental activities of judging, comparing and worrying that may have depleted you in the past. Let that kindness redirect your thoughts, words and actions. I assure you, joy will follow.

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Mike Prochaska
Yes I always Moving even when I sitting on couch lol
Elisa Schmitz
I love trying to find moments of stillness in my day. Meditation helps me with that. Have you tried meditation, Mike Prochaska ? Thank you for the inspiration, Diana Cole !
Andrea Zanon
Thank you for the good tip. It made me think of a recent book I red called Stillness is the Key of Brian Holiday that explores way to manager difficulties in life. Thank you I really enjoyed your writing
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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