Pandemic Health By the Letters: The A to Z Health Guide for a COVID-Safe Winter & Holiday Season by Jagdish Khubchandani

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3 years ago

Pandemic Health By the Letters: The A to Z Health Guide for a COVID-Safe Winter & Holiday Season

We are in a global pandemic and winter is coming. To help ensure that we, our family members and communities have a safe and sane winter, here's my A to Z guide for winter 2020.

A: Avoid non-essential air and auto travel, appearances and adventures.

B: Brain and body activity are a must to prevent boredom, blues, blahs and to help boost immunity.

C: Closed, crowded, contacts and congregations can cost lives. Cut down as much as possible.

D: Don’t ignore symptoms of flu-like illness. Due diligence – seek COVID-19 testing without delay.

E: Eat healthy and manage your emotions, which prevents excess winter weight gain and depression.

F: Face masks and frequent hand washing – without fatigue. Keep doing it!

G: Gratitude is an attitude, so practice goodness and gratefulness this winter. Thank someone.

H: Home sweet home – stay inside with family members. This is an opportunity in crisis.

I: Increase your indoor ventilation and involvement in household activities and chores.

J: Join a good cause or group and help others.

K: Keep an eye on screen time. Keep devices away as much as you can.

L: Light up your space to be lively. It helps your mood and energy levels.

M: Mindfully make a plan for next year – this year was not kind, but things will be better now.

N: No, not, never for alcohol and drugs.

O: Outdoor activities like walkingrunning, and hiking without a crowd? Do it!

P: Professional and personal development need time. Winter gives you the opportunity!

Q: Quit bad habits. Quest for health.

R: Rise up early and rinse yourself.

S: Starchy, salty, sugary, smoked, spirits and soda – avoid these foods and beverages.

T: Teach yourself a new hobby or skill, or teach valuable skills to others.

U: U are valuable and precious – keep repeating.

V: Verbalize your feelings and emotions. Vocalize.

W: Work on something – WFH, WAH, DIY, stay busy!

X: Xmas is a time for celebration. Do it in your small social bubble.

Y: You can make a difference and do everything listed above.

Z: Zoom and zen! Keep calm and stay engaged with life.

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Elisa Schmitz
How awesome is this, Jagdish Khubchandani ! Your advice is spot on. Thank you for this creative approach to sharing your insights with our community. Stay safe and well!

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