Techniques to Avoid Election Anxiety: How to Disconnect to Reconnect for Your Well-being by Neha O'Rourke

3 years ago

Techniques to Avoid Election Anxiety: How to Disconnect to Reconnect for Your Well-being

How can you disconnect from election anxiety in order to reconnect with your well-being? With the combination of being stuck inside for eight months because of the coronavirus pandemic, limited accessibility to places outside our home, work and the election, I found myself spending waaaay too much time mindlessly on screens. Listening to that energy, I made an active effort to disconnect more by:

  1. Taking a one week social media/screen time detox.
  2. Setting limits to reading the news and work time on screens.
  3. Being more mindful of my energy.

The results from that intentional disconnect were game-changing:

  • Less anxious: With the craziness of 2020, it was nice to have some space from constant conversation about the pandemic, the election, etc. That space allowed me to feel more relaxed and peaceful.
  • Better sleep: I'm not a great sleeper in the first place, but swapping my bedtime Instagram scroll with music, meditation, reading, etc., allowed me to achieve a more rested night's sleep Improved focus and creativity. The mental clarity from creating that space was game changing. I was more easily able to get creative, manifest and focus on what I truly want.
  • Being more present: I noticed the little things around me, was more present with the people I love and even more mindful when eating.
  • New learnings turned into intentions: Through taking a step back, I realized what was no longer serving my energy. I'm excited to create new habits with my screen time/social media that shift my behavior from mindless to mindful.

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Elisa Schmitz
Excellent advice, Neha O'Rourke . We are living through stressful times, to be sure, and we need to take care of ourselves above all else. Thank you for sharing your insights with us!
Less screen time is key!
I am not sleeping well because of all of this stress. Need to take your advice, Neha O'Rourke !

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