Self-Reflection Can Sometimes Make You LOL: Why My (Wine) Glass Is Half Full & 2020 Can Suck It by Dawn Taylor

2 years ago
Self-Reflection Can Sometimes Make You LOL: Why My (Wine) Glass Is Half Full & 2020 Can Suck It

As 2019 closed last year, I was the typical fool who learned lessons and looked ahead with unabandoned hope. Here's proof:

"My hope is that the coming year brings a little less stress and more moments of peace. I am ready for my hard work to pay off. I am ready to be valued for all I do, and find financial stability and reward for all I do. I am ready for 2020." This was how I closed my post, Moving Into the New Year With Hope, Goals & Dreams: A Single Mom's Year in Review, on

Well, 2020, who is laughing now?? You are, I get it, well played.

  • Yes, a few days after my birthday in March the world went into lockdown for several months.
  • Yes, the newest fashion accessory became a face mask.
  • Yes, our country has become so divided it is impossible to go on Facebook without a glass of wine in hand to soften the blows.
  • Yes, I am now the proud parent of two teens plus a college graduate who by now should be self supporting. (More wine, please.)
  • Yes, I have not a single moment of privacy since ... no idea really.
  • Yes, I lost both of my jobs with no indication of either being reinstated.

OK, 2020, you got me. I thought 2019 was bad but what you didn't realize is that I try to see the glass half full, especially if it's wine.

  • Yes, lockdown often feels like the movie Groundhog Day, but at least it is predictable.
  • That division on Facebook? It is as entertaining as any movie or sitcom, in my opinion, probably more so. And it doesn't cost a thing!
  • I have spent endless hours (and days really at this point) playing board games with my children, watching movies and just spending quality time with my kids that I never would have been able to do in any other circumstance.
  • Privacy?It is overrated, and before I know it I will be complaining that the house is too quiet.
  • My joblessness? I have finally completed several children's books and actually submitted them all to publishers! (So maybe I will get paid for them someday.)
  • I took all of my fitness classes to ZOOM platform and while I may not be getting rich, it is helping supplement my unemployment benefits while I work towards other things.

So, yes, 2020 you threw some major curve balls at me. And I know, I know, there are still three months to go and I am sure there will be more twists and turns.

But whatever comes my way, I'll still have my (perhaps delusional) positive outlook to carry me through the rest of 2020. And you, 2020, can't take that away!!

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Dawn Taylor
Donna John thanks! Fingers crossed for the next few months! 😂
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
A positive outlook is key. I think so many of us can relate to this reflection on 2020. Good luck on your books, Dawn Taylor , very exciting! xoxo
Dawn Taylor
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds it is a challenge sometimes to be positive but I am trying :) I will keep you posted!

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