Self Love Also Means Self-Acceptance: Learning to Embrace a New Normal During COVID-19 by Belinda Lichty Clarke

3 years ago

Self Love Also Means Self-Acceptance: Learning to Embrace a New Normal During COVID-19

In March, as we all moved into home offices and hunkered down because of coronavirus, I decided to give running another go to keep the insanity at bay. Turns, out, running every day on pavement is not the best idea for a 53-year-old. My hip started bugging me, so I went to the doctor. An expensive MRI later, I found out I was this close to a stress fracture in my hip, which is serious and can result in a broken hip. So, I suspended my running regimen, maybe forever.

Not wanting to forego exercise (and not really being able to walk comfortably with the hip issue) I invested in a secondhand spin bike, which I’ve enjoyed immensely, though working out in the basement is sort of boring.

All this is to say I have been busting my butt to counteract the quarantine weight gain. And, to tell you the truth, I’m really struggling.

From the stress snacking to an extra beer or two, it’s really tough. Not to mention the fact that having the luxury of wearing yoga pants ever day has allowed me to basically forgo jeans for four months. Recently, on a breezy day, I took out my favorite pair of skinny capri jeans and while I was able to button them, it was really uncomfortable. I was really frustrated and upset. I’d been working so hard on the bike and trying to cut down on the Smartfood popcorn.

But then, I got over it. Maybe it’s not just the quarantine that’s changed my middle-aged middle. Maybe my body is just changing.

So I zipped over to the local Goodwill and went to straight to the jeans rack to buy a “new” pair of jeans in a size up. Wouldn’t you know? They fit, comfortably! Which caused me to wonder why I’ve been squeezing myself into my 30-year-old size for the last year.

So instead of bemoaning the extra pounds, I’m embracing them, or at least trying. Either way, I’m going to stop beating myself up about it. Times are weird and scary and we all need to cut ourselves some slack.

I'd love to hear what others are doing this summer for mental health and fitness. Share below!

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I hear you, sister. Trying times sometimes require going up a jeans size. It’s all good. We’ll get through this.
Belinda Lichty Clarke
Addendum! Heard this from the online spin instructor today: "You are so much better than a smaller pair of pants."
Sorry about your injury. But I'm with you on this and let's cut each other some slack (especially ourselves).
Elisa Schmitz
Oh, Belinda Lichty Clarke , I am so sorry about your hip! I feel for you, because I've had some hip issues myself (ever since a couple skiing trips a few years ago). Hang in there. And definitely give yourself lots of grace. You are beautiful, no matter what! HUGS to you, amiga! xoxo

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