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3 years ago

DNA Testing Kits: Discovering Your Ancestry History With DNA Test Kits

Part of discovering who you are as a person is connecting with your family ancestry on a deep and meaningful level. However, not everyone has a firm grasp on understanding their family tree, and some groups of people have a harder time pinning down family history than other groups.

Some cultural groups have a particularly difficult past, making it more difficult to research their family histories. From slavery to large migrations and more, there are many factors that get in the way when some curious researchers try to discover their histories. Many of the documents that should be easily found online are non-existent because births, deaths and marriages were not documented as they should have been in the past.

Where does your DNA come from? According to WebMD, "Everyone gets 50 percent of their DNA from each parent, but what's in each half can be different. So it's totally possible that you got more of your mom's European DNA and your sister got more of her Asian DNA. Add your dad to the mix, and things get scrambled further. Just as siblings don't always look alike, their DNA might not look alike, either."

The risk for certain health conditions could be found using DNA testing kits, which can lead to diet or lifestyle changes or a visit to your health-care provider. 

Thanks to recent advances in various DNA technologies, DNA testing, which is estimated to be a $10.04 billion dollar industry by 2022, has become available for the general public. Through DNA testing, tracing genealogy becomes easier than it has ever been before.

Autosomal DNA Testing

Autosomal DNA testing is the type of testing that looks at the 22 pairs of chromosomes, the largest amount of genetic information can be gathered from a person. According to an article on Forbes, this type of DNA test can provide major insights into the matches and also your overall genetic ethnicity.

DNA Kits: What to Look For

When you start looking at the DNA kits that offer Autosomal DNA testing, you will find that there is a large group of DNA kits that can be purchased to find out your genetic information. In general, you want some really detailed information that tells you specifics regarding your genetic makeup and the geographical histories of where you came from.

As an example, you can discover your African American ancestry at bestdnatestingkits.com if you are looking for more information about which kits are the best for searching for your history.

Unfortunately, most DNA tests are not exactly equipped for detailed information regarding African histories. However, technology is getting more accurate. In order to get the most out of your subscription, you might want to look for “family tree” options that allow you to input information from other research you find on the internet.

How DNA Testing Works

When people think of DNA testing, they usually imagine blood samples and needles. However, when you purchase a DNA kit to use in your home, there is no blood collection needed. Instead, these kits ask that you send them a saliva sample that the company will use to test your DNA.

Once you order your kit and register it, you will need to take your own saliva sample and mail it to the company. Your results may take around two weeks to get back to you. But once you receive them, you will have permanent access to them.

Why Use a DNA Test Kit?

Determining your family’s history is a big part of completely understanding who you are. Before you can fully embrace your own future, it is helpful to understand your past. For some cultural groups, this task has long been far too hard to accomplish. However, things are beginning to get easier to overcome the previous obstacles to learning about family history.

Luckily, there are now more advanced technologies than have ever been available before. These new and improved methods for testing your DNA could be the link that allows you to learn what you wish to know about your family history.

While the testing still has a long way to go, there is hope that the results will only become more and more accurate. In fact, if more people participate in the testing process, the results will look deeper into family history than ever before. 

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Elisa Schmitz
This is fascinating. I have been wondering how DNA test kits work and am curious about what the results would show for my family and me. Thank you for this helpful explanation. I'm checking it out!
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Julie Rose
I did this. So much great information provided through these tests.
Never heard of autosomal testing. Thanks for explaining how it works.
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I've been thinking about doing a DNA kit for a long time. May be good Christmas presents this year for the whole family.

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