Abnormal Mammograms: How a Routine Mammogram Turned Into the Second Scariest Time of My Life by Meredith Schneider

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4 years ago

Abnormal Mammograms: How a Routine Mammogram Turned Into the Second Scariest Time of My Life

Getting that phone call after a routine mammogram telling you "we need to do a sonogram on your left breast" is a little scary. Really scary! I would have to say that was the second time in my life I was scared to death. The first time was when my husband was overseas in Iraq and I was scared I would never see him again.

All weekend, I had a pit in my stomach worrying about my 8 a.m. appointment ... trying not to think of the worst scenario. But I am human and I kept thinking, what if it’s something? Then telling myself to take a deep breath that everything will be OK either way. It’s really hard to take a deep breath when you feel like you can’t breathe.

I went through the morning routine getting everyone up, fed and out the door as usual, but was mentally distracted. To top the morning off, while I was walking our youngest of four children, Melayna, our 3rd grader, to school she tripped on the sidewalk and scraped her knee. Trying not to get choked up, I helped her up and a teacher was right there to take her to the nurse. I kissed her and told her she would be OK, and off I went to the doctor's office feeling bad for little Melayna.

Once at the doctor's office, that pit in my stomach grew stronger. I’ve had plenty of sonograms with all my pregnancies, so it should have been a piece of cake. But it was awkward, just like the mammogram machine that made me feel like a Cirque du Soleil performer. 

I wasn’t there long and the technician didn’t talk much, which made me feel more nervous. And she took a ton of pictures. Then I was finished and on my way to wait for my doctor to call. Thank goodness that phone call came sooner in the day than I thought. I was thrilled to hear that there was no mass or anything abnormal. I immediately shared the news with my husband, and we both cried happy tears of relief. Today is a new day and I’m able to breathe again. 

Cheers to life and a clean follow-up mammogram celebration!

When was your last mammogram or pap smear? Early detection saves lives! 

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Donna John
So relieved you're all good, Meredith Schneider . I had a breast cancer scare years ago. I was scheduled for my first mammogram, an ultrasound and a needle biopsy. Thank goodness after the mammogram and ultrasound and a consult with a breast cancer doc, the biopsy was cancelled. I just have a yearly mammogram to watch the lump. Ladies, you've got to get your mammograms!!
Elisa Schmitz
Great news that you got a clean bill of health, Meredith Schneider ! So happy for you. This same thing happened to me. My doctor told me that women with dense breasts are now being sent more routinely for ultrasounds to make sure there's nothing hiding in there. It looks like I may need to have annual ultrasounds of my breasts, in addition to mammograms, from now on. I hope this was just a one-time thing for you. Cheers to life, my amazing friend! Donna John , I am so glad you're OK, too!
Tammy Read
Thanks for sharing! Glad things turned out well for you. I just had my first mammogram yesterday. Just routine, but I was nervous about the unknown. The technician did warn me that I may be called back for an ultrasound because they don't have a previous scan to compare this one too. It's just to be cautious.
Gwen Johnson
So happy you're ok.
Dawn Taylor
My very first mammogram turned into an ultrasound, then a core needle biopsy then a lumpectomy. Scariest two weeks of my life. All was fine but that suspicious lump could’ve been malignant. Mammograms are important.
Mei Marcie
Glad it turned out to be ok dear, big hugs!

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