Ladies, Get Your Mammograms: Do It for Your Loved Ones (They Need You!) by Heather Holter

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2 years ago
Ladies, Get Your Mammograms: Do It for Your Loved Ones (They Need You!)

Last week I had my second mammogram ever. The first one was last year when I turned 40. This time I went in nervous because a dear friend my age was just diagnosed with breast cancer last month. Radiology called me Monday telling me I need to come back for more imaging and possible ultrasound. Now I was really scared! What if I have cancer, too?

I went in today and found out all I have is a few fluid filled cysts and nothing needs to be done, but had it been cancer, I would have caught it early and it could have been easily treated. This wonderful technology makes it possible to get early screening and treatments and it saves lives!

My friends' cancer is non-invasive, isolated and treatable because she went in for her annual mammogram and found it early! So no matter how unlikely you think it is that you will have breast cancer, it is possible. So, make your appointment today if you have been putting it off! Do it for your loved ones!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yes yes yes! Thank you for sharing your experience, Heather Holter . So important and glad you’re OK!
Leslie W
Sure, easily treatable, if your definition of easily treatable is a several month process and lots of decisions- but better early than late!
Heather Holter
Yes, it is a traumatic ordeal no matter when it is detected. I could not imagine and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Easily treatable meaning not deadly, which may not be the case if you never get mammograms. By the time you find out it has likely spread and is harder to treat if even treatable, and then may be deadly.
Heather Holter
You can read about my friends' journey here:

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