The Gym Is So Much More Than a Place to Lose Weight: How & Why to Change Your Fitness Focus by Dawn Taylor

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5 months ago
The Gym Is So Much More Than a Place to Lose Weight: How & Why to Change Your Fitness Focus

A common goal for many of my clients is to lose weight. Many want to tone up their "jiggly" areas and many want to wear tank tops. All of these goals are fine, but more and more I’m hearing people say things like:

  • "I want to get up off the floor with ease after I pick something up."
  • "I am tired of being tired."
  • "I want to be strong and take care of my back and knees.”

Those are the things I like to hear because they mean much more at the end of the day. People quickly understand that the functional exercise I teach through resistance training is what improves quality of life. The focus changes from cosmetic in nature to practical in nature. This new mindset is key to creating a love of fitness and an ongoing commitment to it.

Yes, you will look better as you find a healthful routine, but the way you feel and function day to day is the real reward. Who doesn’t want to feel energized and strong as you navigate life?

I’ve worked with people with multiple sclerosis, back issues, knee issues, shoulder problems, etc., and each person becomes stronger where they can. For example, backs are supported by the core, so the focus is on strengthening that area to take stress off of the back. Knee issues can be helped by strengthening the calves and thighs, and on and on and on. Barring any serious health issues, most people can become more fit if they learn how to do so.

When the focus is taken off of looking good, and instead turned to feeling good, life improves significantly. The happiest people I know are not the ones who have perfect bodies, but the ones who have healthy bodies.

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Julie Rose
Such a great point 🙌
Dawn Taylor
It is the emphasis on functional movement that everyone needs to focus on- aging doesn't have to be so hard. :)
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
You are so right, Dawn Taylor . Thank you for sharing this great perspective. Hopefully it'll encourage more people to hit the gym!
Meredith Schneider
So agree Dawn Taylor! Our bodies are not like Amazon Prime, how we want to look and feel isn't gonna happen in a few days. I'm a firm believer in consistency! See you at the gym! :-)
Thank you for sharing the post with us.
Dawn Taylor
You’re very welcome!
"I am tired of being tired" this quote described me before I started to go to the gym, but not now!!

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