Change Is Hard No Matter How Old You Are: How Do YOU Cope With Change? by Jessica Lawrence

4 years ago

Change Is Hard No Matter How Old You Are: How Do YOU Cope With Change?

I think I've always had a difficult time accepting change. I can remember a time before I left for college, being on the St. Lawrence River with both of my parents. We were on the jet skis, and it was a gorgeous day. For a moment, in silence, I thought, "Why does this have to change? Can't I have days like this forever? I don't want to leave this."

Fast forward to the last year of my marriage. I knew I had to be strong enough to leave, start over. But it took me at least a year of agony to get to that point.

I always seem to hold on, because of a fear of uncertainty. I think that most everyone can agree with that fear. Fear of the unknown. What if it isn't better? What if I should stay in a career that isn't making me happy? What if I don't meet someone else?

In the past few months, I've had a lot of change:

  • I have a new boss.
  • I have a new position at work.
  • I have to figure out my daughter's educational path.
  • One of my best friends is leaving for law school.
  • I've tried to move on from the end of a relationship. 

I get overwhelmed, and I try to breathe. But sometimes, that doesn't work.

How do you cope with change?

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so good, Jessica Lawrence . So many people have trouble with change. I try to remember the words, "The only thing constant in life is change." It helps me a lot to remember that change is inevitable, and all we can do is control how we react to it.
Stephanie Cannoe
Just breathe are very wise words of advice and to remember. A powerful pause enters us into the unknown. So, you are already doing it! Be faithful to yourself, trust and pause for the divine timing that you hear within. When I don't know, I ask prayerfully, What's the best right step? The answers you know feel right, and in each situation, will reveal themselves when the time's right. Be patient with the process, it IS in progress. ❤🙏

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