The Effects of Stress on Your Body: Study Finds That Chronic Stress Can Make You Physically Ill by Kelli Porcaro

The Effects of Stress on Your Body: Study Finds That Chronic Stress Can Make You Physically Ill

Stress. It comes in all shapes and sizes affecting young and old. For some it's in the form of change, difficult relationships, conversations, packed schedules and long to-do lists.

My informal poll revealed that stress often brings on feelings of fear, anxiety, discomfort, helplessness, despair, doom and self-limiting thoughts. People's reactions to stress can result in diminished creativity, loss of collaboration, short-term focus and isolation. But did you know that stress can also make you physically ill?

According to a study published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, mast cells that live in your gut wall and skin are activated within seconds to defend against challenges and stress. When mast cells are overwhelmed, they can lead to inflammation, trigger the release of histamines, increase mucus production and produce pain.

So how can you navigate stress? First, consider the feeling of stress as a warning to you that something needs to change. Dig deep into the stress to discover what is driving the feeling. What really matters? What is important? Consider your options. What do you need to stop doing? Start doing? How can you ask for help?

Read "Too Much Stress Can Make You Physically Ill. Researchers Now May Know Why" via and here are seven more tips for navigating stress

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
In my experience, this is very true. The mind and body connection is very real. Stress is a killer. Thank you for sharing this important information, Kelli Schulte . We all need to work on this (I know I do)!
Donna John
This is a real eye opener. It's amazing the effects stress can have. Thanks for the important info, Kelli Schulte .
AJ Rogers
So true, true, true... I had a huge bout with anxiety about 15 years ago and although it was tough to endure it was an incredible learning experience about stress, anxiety and depression and how it all connects.

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