Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich Helps Jennifer Lawrence Stay in Shape (Her New KICHGO Fitness Kit Can Help You, Too!) by Belinda Lichty Clarke

6 months ago
Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich Helps Jennifer Lawrence Stay in Shape (Her New KICHGO Fitness Kit Can Help You, Too!)

Celebrity fitness trainer Kit Rich has invented a little gym bag that packs big results. The KICHGO Kit is filled with varying types of resistance bands and a list of downloadable how-to videos. Her plan will whip your butt into shape in no time.

"Ideally these three exercises should only take you six minutes to perform and should be done three times per week to strengthen and tighten," says Rich, who works with a long list of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha, and has toured internationally with them. Here are a few of her key moves:

  • Use resistance loop. Place resistance loop right above knees, lie down on your side. Tuck knee into the body. Lift top leg. Draw a square with knee. Make it as big as possible. Keep hips stable. Do 30 seconds to one minute in each direction.
  • Use band with ankle straps. Go on all fours. Straight Leg slightly outside of hip. Keep leg straight. Hips squared. Lift leg, pulse at top and lower ground. Complete for one full minute. Opposite leg and arm.
  • Use band with ankle straps. On all fours, come down to right elbow. Take left leg out to side in line with hip. Lift it up as high as hip. Sweep leg back and then sweep it forward to starting position. Continue for one full minute.

Learn more about the KICHGO Kit at Kichgo.com

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so cool, Belinda Lichty Clarke ! I love resistance bands. So easy to use and take with you when you travel, etc. And so effective. Thanks for sharing this!

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