Highway to Health: My Journey on the Road to Recovery & Living in the Moment by Christine Fontana-Esq

5 years ago

Highway to Health: My Journey on the Road to Recovery & Living in the Moment

Like many others, I was living in the rat race that we call life ... until I had a defining moment and came to the realization that if I continued to live life that way, I would die trying. I was 42 years old when my eyes were opened and my life humbled by the fact that if I continued down the path I was going, the odds were against me living to see 45.

That was a defining time for me in realizing that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why not live for the moment today? We might say to ourselves, “We’ll have time for other things tomorrow and we can see the places we’ve always wanted to see when we retire.” I made a conscious decision to live in today since we are not promised tomorrow. I took aggressive action toward my health.

One significant change I made was to surround myself with places I enjoy and share in those experiences with loved ones. My daughter and I went to Atlanta for my birthday. This, like many other excursions, progressed my health forward while creating an experience of a lifetime for both of us.

Won’t you join me on this journey? What can you do today to live in the moment and improve your health?

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Christine Fontana-Esq . We are not promised a tomorrow, so how can we make the most of our today? Many thanks for this post. Welcome to our community of writers. We look forward to reading more from you!

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