Why You Need to Take a Stand to Reduce Stress & Increase Mindfulness! by Donna John

4 years ago
Why You Need to Take a Stand to Reduce Stress & Increase Mindfulness!

Want to increase mindfulness, which can lead to reduced stress, better food choices and improved emotional intelligence? Dr. Susan Albers says to take a stand! She suggests you take a break from sitting by placing your hands on either side of an open doorway, then leaning gently forward on your weight. 

"Sitting is the new smoking – it can take years off your life," Dr. Albers says. "Standing periodically gives you a natural energy boost without having to go for a candy bar, and the shoulder stretch and chest opening helps relieve tension from sitting at a keyboard."

Try it!

Donna John
I've heard so much about the importance of standing lately. I am really thinking about getting a standing desk.

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