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Circuit Training: The Benefits of Circuit Training & How to Design Your Circuit Workout

Circuit training is not only a fun way to get your workout in, but can also be one of the most productive workouts. The options are virtually limitless when it comes to designing a circuit-type workout. Not only can you get a great workout in by simply utilizing your own body weight, but also by incorporating some inexpensive at-home equipment. Include some resistance bands, kettlebells and medicine balls, and you won't get bored and the “I have no time” excuse can't be used!

For those not totally familiar with circuit training, it involves putting together a series (circuit) of exercises that you can perform one after another with little to no rest between exercises. The minimal rest between exercises is an important part of the workout because you purposely don’t want your body to achieve complete recovery during the circuit. Some of the key benefits to circuit training include: 

  • Time efficient. Circuits can be short yet very effective.
  • Works the entire body. Depending on how you design your circuit, you can easily achieve a total body workout.
  • Improves conditioning and muscular endurance. By constantly moving from one exercise to another, your heart rate will stay up and your muscle endurance will improve.
  • Build muscle and lose weight depending on the exercises used.
  • Eliminates the need for separate cardio and strength equipment.
  • You can do these types of workouts virtually anywhere – at home, on the road, at the gym, outside, etc.
  • They’re great to do with a workout partner.
  • They can be a fun way to workout!

There are many ways to design a circuit, which makes this type of training a perfect companion to your weight loss and strength training efforts. While there is no “best” circuit workout, a well-designed circuit will be one built around your particular fitness level and goals. When choosing your exercises, you should include a mixture of:

  • Metabolic exercises that will increase your heart rate and help you burn calories throughout the day.
  • High intensity and low-intensity exercises that will allow you to push through the workout.

There is no magic number of exercises to include when designing a circuit. While most may consist of six to 12 exercises, it’s totally up to you and what you want to accomplish in that day’s workout. You could pick 12 exercises and perform one set of each with no rest between. You could choose six exercises and go through the circuit four times. Circuit workouts can be intense and short (12-15 minutes), or they can be as long as 45-60 minutes. The variables are limitless so, while it may seem confusing, keep in mind the main point is to do more work in less time than you would in a normal gym session.

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Donna John
I've heard a lot about circuit training, but had no idea of all the benefits. Going to give it a try!!
Elisa Schmitz
"There are many ways to design a circuit, which makes this type of training a perfect companion to your weight loss and strength training efforts." I am very curious about this and going to try it out. Thanks for the info, Johnson Fitness & Wellness !
Circuit training is one of the only ways I like to work out! It’s intense, goes by quickly, and engaging!
a wonderful article, Given so much info in it, These type of articles keeps the users interest in the website, and keep on sharing more ... good luck!
You had me at fun and less time-consuming!

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