What Is Home? It Starts With Sanctuary & Your Place in This World, But What Else? by Kathy Ast

3 years ago

What Is Home? It Starts With Sanctuary & Your Place in This World, But What Else?

When I reflected on the topic of what is home, a few important things came to mind:

  • A place to sit outside and enjoy nature.
  • Shade and protection provided by trees and shrubs.
  • A vegetable garden and flowers.
  • A place to park your car and camper.
  • Reminders from childhood and your favorite people.
  • Your favorite things on the walls.
  • A place for recreation.
  • A place to relax in your own recliner.
  • Where someone is always waiting for you.
  • Where you can be yourself. 

Home is that special place where you are accepted and loved. A place you care so much about that you sweat regularly making it clean and inviting. A feeling you have that you never want to lose. Where remnants of you will remain long after you’re gone. 

What does home mean to you?

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Elisa Schmitz
I so love this, Kathy Ast-Kutzbach . Yes, all those things, for sure. And, it's a place where you should feel safe. But for me, "home" doesn't have to be a place; rather, a feeling. It's the feeling I get when I'm with those I love, especially my husband. So even when we travel, when he's at my side, I feel at home. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for sharing this food for thought!
Donna John
That's so true, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds . Love that you found your "home" in Dieter Schmitz .
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much, Donna John ! xoxo This post is resonating even more today during these "home-bound" times. Thank you for sharing, Kathy Ast-Kutzbach !
Kathy Ast
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds you’re so right about this resonating now more than ever. We decorated the Christmas tree today, the first time before Thanksgiving. Because why not? We’re home all the time - let’s enjoy it!!🌲
Elisa Schmitz
Yay for Christmas trees at Thanksgiving! We have done our outdoor holiday pots already. This weekend, we're putting up our tree. I'm excited, and yes, we all need to enjoy the holidays in our homes now more than ever, Kathy Ast-Kutzbach !

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