Love Dark Chocolate? You Are in for a (Health) Treat! Here's What a Study Found! by Mei Marcie

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6 years ago

Love Dark Chocolate? You Are in for a (Health) Treat! Here's What a Study Found!

Dark chocolate gets yet another thumbs up! Findings from two studies from Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center in Southern California found that consuming dark chocolate that has a high concentration of cacao (minimally 70 percent) has positive effects on stress, inflammation, mood, memory and immunity.

The positive effects are partly due to flavonoids found in cacao, which are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Dark chocolate was shown to have immunity, behavioral and neurological benefits. The amount of cacao in a normal-sized dark chocolate bar (48 g) contains a high amount of flavonoids for the above benefits!

These findings add to a wide range of research studies supporting the benefits of dark chocolate. Previous studies have found that dark chocolate can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and that dark chocolate improves mood by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.

However, keep moderation in mind. Dark chocolate does contain a lot of calories, saturated fat and sugar.

Read more about this dark chocolate study via Loma Linda University.

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