Ohana Means Family: How to Bring Back the Ohana Without Sacrificing Yourself by Morgan Hawthorne

6 years ago

Ohana Means Family: How to Bring Back the Ohana Without Sacrificing Yourself

Let's talk about the true meaning of "ohana." Ohana is known in Hawaiian culture as loving your family no matter what. Just love them. No matter what. It seems so simple, doesn't it? Yet so many adults just can't conceptualize and follow through with that. Let's bring back ohana!

Don't send hateful things to your family, don't attempt to break them down and don't say horrible things to someone that you know you will regret later. If your family hasn't acknowledged you in more than a year and it's very clear that reconciliation is just not possible, however, you must exit stage left. Not only is it common sense, but it's self-preservation at its finest to love toxic family from afar.

No longer will I even acknowledge family members who intentionally break me down, but I will always love them even if it isn't reciprocated. I love the family that I have, and that's all that I need in my everyday life. I now, for the first time in forever, love myself enough to not allow anyone to treat my family or myself that way anymore.

Let's learn to love ourselves and the rest will follow ... eventually!

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Nancy Hawthorne
So proud of you Morgan! Will share!
Morgan Hawthorne
Thank you!!! This one came from the heart!!!💗
Ann Marie Patitucci
It’s clear that this was a very personal one for you, Morgan Hawthorne . Thank you for sharing it with us.
Gina Pomering
Beautiful! Why there is so much judgement and hate is beyond me but we have to care for ourselves first. Proud of you for writing your ♥️!
Morgan Hawthorne
Thank you! Agreed!!! If only we could just love and let love and cut out the judgement and hate that so often comes between us!
Heather Murphy-Fritz
Love this! It’s perfectly ok to let go of toxic people, regardless of their relation to us.
Morgan Hawthorne
Agreed! No one has the time or energy for that in their life!!!
Kimberly Johnson
You already know I couldn't agree more! So glad you're focusing on yourself and your family, Morgan Hawthorne !
Elisa Schmitz
Understood and agreed! It's pretty ironic that those closest to us often have the power to hurt us the most deeply. Thank you for this raw and real tip, Morgan Hawthorne ! xoxo

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