Functional Medicine: An Alternative Way to Practice Medicine & Wellness by Francielle Daly

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5 years ago

Functional Medicine: An Alternative Way to Practice Medicine & Wellness

In the last year, I went on a little health craze. I started to workout more and just start educating myself on the different alternatives in medicine, since I was still nursing. Personally, I was still not feeling myself after one year of having my third daughter and I just needed to find answers.

I was still tired and sluggish and, well, my lab tests always came back normal or somewhat normal. I ate better, I exercised, but I still had annoying symptoms. This is when I came across Inspired Health Center and Dr. Justin Coop. He is a Functional Medicine doctor.

Functional Medicine is personally tailored medicine. It deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of chronic disease rather than simply removing or masking symptoms once they arise. If you are like me and looking for other alternative ways, look into Functional Medicine. You could really figure out why you are feeling the way you are feeling and get to the root of the issue vs. just treating the symptoms.

I highly recommend finding a doctor in your area or check out Inspired Health Center if you are in the Chicago area.

The information on is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice. The information provided through this site should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, and is not a substitute for professional care. Always consult your personal health care provider.

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Elisa Schmitz
I went on a similar health journey a few years ago, Francielle Daly . I, too, discovered the benefits of functional / integrative medicine. It truly changed my health for the better. Thank you for sharing this! ❤️
Nicole DeAvilla
I am learning more about Functional Medicine from my Functiona Medicine Coach Andrea Trank . She works locally and remotely via Skype. We are literally on opposite sides of the continent and she always has helpful advice for me. Thanks for sharing this Francielle Daly
Andrea Trank
Thanks Nicole. We will reconnect when I get home from Brazil ❤️

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