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Stories of Health & Healing Against All Odds With Avital Miller! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago
Stories of Health & Healing Against All Odds With Avital Miller!

Imagine being told you have an incurable disease or chronic condition. This week's #30Seconds Twitter chat was an inspiring night with Avital Miller, an award-winning author of the upcoming book, “Healing Happens,” international keynote speaker, healing breakthrough facilitator and global dancer. Avital shared the stories, wisdom and techniques from the top four key take-aways of health and healing experts who healed beyond their doctor's diagnosis from cancerdiabetesmultiple sclerosis (MS), bipolar personality disorder and more. Fatal pronouncements do not have to be your fate. Read on...

Q: How did a former program manager at Microsoft get involved with healing?

It’s personal. I was a 27-year-old yoga and fitness expert known as “The Energizer Bunny” who started having health issues. My hair was falling out, I had fatigue, weight gain and more. The doctor said I had Hashimoto’s and hypothyrodism and put me on meds for life. I researched physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of healing. Then the doctor tapered me off the meds. After meeting people who were told they would die in a few weeks but survived, I had to put those stories in a book.

Q: What did they heal from and what methods helped them heal?

They healed from cancer, MS, diabetes, bipolar, lupus, weight gain, ADHD – over 20 diseases in are in the book, “HealingHappens.” Just as I looked at all layers of healing, they healed from physical to spiritual healing modalities. Some changed their diet, did yoga therapy, got a smarter doctor, energy healing, sound healing, meditation, etc. Some changed their life, i.e. new job, end relationship, move to new city, got a new hobby, etc.

Q: What was the first story you discovered that inspired you to write “Healing Happens?”

Tryshe Dhevney was an artistic director for an acting company, and stressed and exhausted. She did her routine checkup in the year 2000 and her doctor found hepatitis C. She tried natural healing and then chemical therapy. Nothing worked and doctor left voicemail to get her affairs in order. Tryshe found a singing bowl and started chanting prolonged tones. Three months later her doctor could not find the disease. Today, Tryshe travels with a fleet of crystal bowls leading sound healing with her beautiful voice.

Q: What is one of the most profound stories in your book, “Healing Happens?”

In 2006, Maureen Belle was diagnosed with stage 4 non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer, and given six to eight weeks to live. Three months later she was in hospice, 85 pounds, bed ridden, on morphine patches, oxygen tubes, couldn’t eat. Her son came to say goodbye because she was expected to die soon, but he asked her why she didn’t fight. From his question she went into a blissful state, and realized she had a choice and her body and soul needed to work together better. She researched what her chemo drug was made of and discovered it was her favorite plant. She changed her dialogue with chemo. Chemo got absorbed into her body seven hours faster, weight gain, hair growing back in. Doctor thought she was getting a placebo. Today, Maureen is a beautiful, wise, healthy woman sharing what she learned with others.

Q: Do you believe everyone can heal from disease?

It is important to define what true healing is. We don’t always know our destiny. True healing is when we learn to be happy despite pain. When Nicole DeAvilla’s back went out she thought of what she loved and felt an ecstatic state of joyfulness even with intense pain.

Q: What are four key take-aways from your book?

  • Focus on your reason to live. Dr. Bernie Siegel repeatedly saw patients heal from cancer when they did what they love.
  • Don’t listen to everything. Doctors are meant to help us heal, not tell us when we are going to die.
  • Do what you can do, whether it’s changing your diet or meditating five minutes a day. At minimum you’ll feel better – maximum you’ll heal.
  • Disease is not a punishment. If there were possibly a gift behind the situation, ask, “What is the gift?”

Q: What are the best things busy people can do for their health?

  • Spend at least five minutes a day doing something you love.
  • Practice prolonged deep breaths in and out of the nose while driving or going to work.
  • When needing fast food, choose an organic green juice from a natural food store.
  • When tired take a double inhale and tense your whole body, double exhale and release.
  • At least once a week meditate a little longer or take a short walk in nature.

Q: How can people get your book, “Healing Happens?”

Visit to read an excerpt free. To pre-order the book, visit

Be sure to follow @AvitalMiller, like Avital Miller on Facebook, visit and check out her 30Seconds page!

Nicole DeAvilla
Though you interviewed me for you book, Avital Miller I really don't know your story of healing. I look forward to learning more about you and the wisdom you can share with us from so many wise souls.
Avital Miller
I will be glad to share my story as well as others and some of the insightful wisdom from them.
Meredith Schneider
So not gonna miss this chat! Can't wait to hear what Avital Miller has to share with us.
Avital Miller
Thank you Meredith! Can't wait to meet you on Twitter!
Avital Miller
What is your biggest challenge with physical health?
Ann Marie Patitucci
What a wonderful opportunity for our tribe!
Sam J Shelley
Looks like I'm free to chat about how I overcame five "incurable" diseases including MS, and bipolar. From very sick to a medical miracle.
Avital Miller
Awesome Sam! See you online!
S Roberts
Just when you think you're alone something likes this comes along and shows you differently. Interestingly though I'm going to have to miss it because our daughter just went into surgery and will be getting out when this starts. That said, could I ask the tribe for their prayers and happy thoughts that her surgery will go well and the recovery not so brutal? Thank you
Avital Miller
Stacey, thank you for sharing. Sending some prayers for your daughter. Be sure to search #30seconds for the conversation after it happens and it keep your eyes open for the blog. Also if you have questions, please post them here or send them to me and I can answer on twitter later.
Elisa Schmitz
Sending prayers for a successful surgery and recovery, Bagwell Stacey Roberts ! ❤️
Nicole DeAvilla
Sending lots of love and prayers! <3
S Roberts
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. She did really well, spine straightened out really good and she's now 1 1/2" taller!
Elisa Schmitz
That's wonderful news, Stacey Roberts ! Prayers for a smooth recovery!! 👍
Avital Miller
Wow! That's amazing!
Nicole DeAvilla
Fabulous! Will keep praying for speedy recovery!
Donna John
What a great chat, Avital Miller ! Thank you!
Avital Miller
That was so fun! Thank you to everyone who participated!

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