Solar Eclipse: Use the Anticipated Event to Stand Still & Reflect by Stephanie Cannoe

6 years ago

Solar Eclipse: Use the Anticipated Event to Stand Still & Reflect

The moon will completely cover the sun, and the corona can be seen and will stretch from Lincoln Beach to Charleston, S.C. Observers outside this path will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun. In fact, everyone in North America plus parts of South America, Africa and Europe will see at least a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse will take approximately three hours from start to finish; the longest period when the moon completely blocks the sun from any given location along the path will be about two minutes and 40 seconds. 

The last time the U.S. saw a total eclipse was in 1979. The awe of such an event brings to mind that we are part of the galaxy with unknown destinations to be explored. Bringing to heart a timeless mystery, the ultimate destination remains unknown, the natural becoming the supernatural. The ancients marveled at this miracle of the sun being swallowed by the heavens. The triple alignment of the two celestial lights, the sun and moon, with the plane of the Earth was a sign of potent change. Unfortunately, political and religious divisions battled over the meaning of this event, but when fear turned into curiosity, the need to understand led the way forward and opened the door to breakthroughs in aeronautics, television and satellite communications. The pendulum does swing both ways.

The symbolism of the past and the future is alive today. I invite you to allow the pendulum to stand still when the sun and the moon meet and to deeply reflect. Honor that we are one on this Earth, which we call home. Allow curiosity to drive you forward in pursuit of the mystery of this life, clear out your fear and stagnation to expand your point of view and open your heart to a truth far greater than I alone can imagine.

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