Bad Rap for Coffee No More: Coffee May Increase Your Longevity by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago

Bad Rap for Coffee No More: Coffee May Increase Your Longevity

Coffee drinkers have more good news to celebrate. Two studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine both came out saying that there is a positive association between drinking coffee and a longer life. One study was done in Europe and another one focused on non-white populations – African Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Japanese Americans, Latinos and whites.

Increased longevity was found across all races who were coffee drinkers. The one caveat is that they do not know if non-coffee drinkers have more health problems than coffee drinkers. Clearly the studies suggest that if you drink coffee, you probably will benefit from continuing to drink it. So enjoy! Clink! My cup to your cup! To life!

Read more about drinking coffee and a longer life via CNN.

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Sheryl Gould
Nicole DeAvilla So glad to read this morning! On my second cup. This is my one vice I do not want to give up!
Nicole DeAvilla
My understanding is that in moderation it is not a vice! As long as your body is ok with caffeine you get the benefits. I am temporarily avoiding caffeine to avoid hot flashes. But that is a different issue. :)

Enjoy your coffee!
Sheryl Gould
I'm with you on the hot flashes part! Good to know! I had not idea they made fueled the fire - lol!
Elisa Schmitz
Amazing news! Thanks for sharing, Nicole DeAvilla !
Nicole DeAvilla
Great to know we can enjoy that cup of Joe!
Meredith Schneider
Oh love this! Funny I just sat down with my late afternoon cup of coffee and this is the first tip I'm reading in here. LOL! Drink up to living longer! Cheers everyone! ;) <3
Nicole DeAvilla
We are on the same wave length! Cheers "clink"! XO

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