To Know Thyself, Look in the Right Direction: Which Way? This Way... by Gail Harris

2 years ago
To Know Thyself, Look in the Right Direction: Which Way? This Way...

It’s your lifeline. Everywhere we turn, we’re told to look outside of ourselves for the answers. Headlines. Tweets. Tips (not #30Seconds). That’s no direction home. You say you’re blocked. Confused. Scared. That’s being human in today’s world. Just know that if your intention to know yourself comes first the rest will take care of itself. Ask yourself this one question: Is it more important to be liked by others or to like yourself? Now make these four mindfulness steps part of your ritual every day:

  • Remember your answer to the above question.
  • Ask your heart what you need.
  • Acknowledge your feelings.
  • Ask your heart if you need to share the feelings or let them go.

You got this.

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