Toxins & Weight Gain: Too Many People Are Counting Calories & Not Chemicals! by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

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5 years ago
Toxins & Weight Gain: Too Many People Are Counting Calories & Not Chemicals!

Did you know toxins can cause weight gain? Yes, toxins (harmful chemicals and heavy metals in water, air, food and household and industrial products) may very well be a cause for America’s obesity epidemic, not excess calories. According to research published in the journal Obesity, nearly 20 chemicals are now shown to cause long-term weight gain. 

During crucial periods of development, these chemicals disrupt hormone-signaling pathways, some of which would normally make sure you process food efficiently, instead of storing it all as fat. Researchers exposed previously skinny rats and mice to cigarette, pesticide and plastic chemicals. The result? Some seriously fat rodents. It's hard enough staying at a healthy weight without chemicals monkeying with your hormones. Be proactive.

Read more about chemicals and weight gain here

Meredith Schneider
So interesting and scary! Fresh is always best! Stay out of the isles when shopping.
3 Spoiled Sisters & Spoiled Living
Loved this! This so so why I teach chemical free with essential oils!

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