3 Spoiled Sisters is a Northern New York based jewelry company who specializes in creating “Jewelry That Makes Scents”. The company, owned by 3 triplet sisters, offers locket jewelry and hand beaded lava stone jewelry that can be worn with essential oils; to enjoy long lasting aromatherapy benefits throughout the day. 3 Spoiled Sisters can be found at many local vendor events throughout St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Onondaga County. Each of the 3 Spoiled Sisters is proud to be an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. We offer community and in home essential oil education classes, inspiring people to reduce toxins within their home, learn to make simple chemical free products and take control of their wellness plan. You may contact 3 Spoiled Sisters at www.3spoiledsisters.com or via email at 3spoiledsisters@gmail.com.

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