The Blame Game: Before You Blame Others, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions! by Doctor Harmony

2 years ago
The Blame Game: Before You Blame Others, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions!

Instinctively, blaming others or the situation protects you from feeling imperfect and inadequate. What is easy to forget is the longer-term damage that happens when you blame. It can lead to arguments, problems at work, unhappiness and fall-outs with people you care about. When you blame, you let go of control of any part you play in the situation because it seems things happen to you. You feel you're a victim. You may end up feeling helpless, frustrated, sad and angry. Blame also robs you of a chance to learn and grow. Before you blame, ask yourself: 

  • How did I contribute to this happening? 
  • What can I do to help the situation? 
  • How can I prevent it next time? 
  • Are there any positives about this situation? 
  • Is there anything I can learn about myself, how I behave and from this situation?

Opt out of the blame game.

Laurie Balles Simpson
Those very questions and me consciously and honestly answering them have changed my life. If I could "Love" this article I would. Thank you!

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