Addicted to Starbucks Chai? Here's How I Kicked the Habit & Switched to No-Sugar Tea! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago

Addicted to Starbucks Chai? Here's How I Kicked the Habit & Switched to No-Sugar Tea!

I was addicted to Starbucks Grande Soy Chai. I was also holding on to a few extra pounds. Being the yoga and health expert that I am, I knew I should cut back on the sugar found in my “drug” of choice. I started to make my own chai at home using non-GMO organic vanilla soy drink. This saved many calories because I did not add sugary syrup like many coffee shops do in their drinks. 

I knew I could do better if I switched to plain soy drink with no added sugar. You may be thinking like I was – will it still taste good? Taste is acquired and can be changed. I started by putting in one-third plain and two-thirds vanilla soy drink. Over time, I reversed the proportions and eventually added no-vanilla soy. I love it! Occasionally I still have a short Starbucks Chai, but now enjoy it as a dessert, not as a daily habit.

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Donna John
I am addicted to Starbucks chai latte, too, Nicole DeAvilla . I've cut way back and only get one now and then as a treat. Sometimes I'll order it "skinny," but honestly I don't think that makes much difference. Why, oh why, are they SO good? Going to try your idea and see if I can make the switch, too.
Nicole DeAvilla
Donna John The "skinny" chai's still have the sugar and syrup. That's why I enjoy them as a dessert, not a drink now. Go slowly but steadily on the switch. You will be glad you did! :)
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is my "drug" of choice too! Nonfat tall chai latte! And I get one almost daily (or a Dunkin Donuts vanilla chai if I'm near a DD)! Great tip!
Nicole DeAvilla
If you are happy Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead with your drug of choice, don't read my tip with the calorie quiz for drinks! LOL!
S Roberts
I'm kind of jealous of your level of self control!
I'm a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker, so the only time I go to Starbucks is in the summer for passion fruit ice tea with x pumps of syrup (I have southern roots and we like our sweet tea) but the thought of giving up sugar is unimaginable! I also have my hot tea every morning and my 2 favs are 500 mile chai by Tao of Tea sold loose so you have to brew it and I like mine strong, which if you're making yours at home you can make it any strength, but it's amazing. I take with 1/2 n 1/2 and of course sugar in the raw, but you could use soy milk or whatever and those other types of sweeteners such as agave to cut calories a lot and still get your chai fix. My other fav is Revolution Earl Grey with lavender.

*500 mile chai

*Revolution Earl Grey with lavender
Nicole DeAvilla
Hi Stacey Roberts Thanks for sharing your fav teas. They sound wonderful. Sugar is an extremely addictive substance! It is hard to imagine being without it. I was that way too. That is why I slowly took myself off of it. Others like to go cold turkey. Now I don't miss it. AND I enjoy the taste of the unsweetened drink just a much. Earl Grey with Lavender sounds really good. :)
S Roberts
I wrote a response but it's lengthy, do you want to hear it? I love comparing notes when it comes to nutrition, even though it probably sounds like I don't have a clue after disclosing my love for sweet tea!
Nicole DeAvilla
I am sure you do know about nutrition - loving sweets doesn't mean you wouldn't in my book. :) Go ahead and post!
S Roberts
I was being a bit overdramatic when I said it'd be unimaginable to give up sugar. In all actuality, I don't eat that much, but what I do is worth it! I put 3 tsp in a 20 oz Starbucks mug that I drink throughout the day. That's 13.5 grams of sugar and I'm drinking water as well. In fact, as soon as I wake up I gulp down a (reusable) bottle of water.
Now, there's my affinity for lemon curd and eclair. Lemon curd? I cut the sugar back by 1/2 and control my eclair consumption by staying away from Gayle's (bakery)!
Now back to you pointing out the amount of sugar in that chai drink...can we talk fruit drinks? As in fruit smoothies and how people think if it's made of fruit it's healthy. What is your option/factual knowledge of these and fruit in general?
This is a departure, I was going into the medical field when I met my husband, dropped out, eloped and the rest is history. However, before that I had 5 semesters of pre-med courses under my belt and the one thing I learned in my anatomy/physiology class that has really stuck with me is that cholesterol is essential for the development of the fetal brain. without it is fatal. It is also considered brain food, if you're feeling "brain dead" eat something with a healthy source of cholesterol such as a hardboiled egg. Granted there are those with cardiovascular disease and eating cholesterol is highly restricted. I'll stop there, but here's an article that's an interesting read.
Nicole DeAvilla
You are so right on about the amount of sugar in fruit juices and even whole fruit. Most people have no idea! The word is getting out bit by bit. Did you see Mei Marcie 's tip: mom: The AAP Says to Stop Giving Fruit Juice to Babies! Get the Scoop!
I agree with you about cholesterol too.
Perhaps you could write your own tips on these important topics. :)
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, so good to know that all my fave chicas also love my fave drink! The struggle is real, LOL! xoxo Donna John Nicole DeAvilla Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Stacey Roberts

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