Authenticity Is Necessary to Grow: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay on Track! by Stephanie Cannoe

6 years ago

Authenticity Is Necessary to Grow: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay on Track!

Authenticity is complex. At times it is difficult to navigate an inner compass because we have lessons to learn to attain mastery. We have roles we need to play, feelings we need to discover and ideas to birth. The growth process is creative and requires that you try on things to fit for size to determine what works for YOU. This process is ever-evolving, so it is necessary to find solid ground. Ask yourself these questions to determine if you are off track:

  • Are you consciously integrating the experience and empowered to make changes to maintain a healthy balance?
  • Are you aware? Discernment is a conscious choice. 
  • Are you meeting your needs? 

Do you determine how to interact with others based on how you think they will react or respond – are you holding back what’s in your heart?

Laura Greenwald
The third question, "Are You Meeting Your Needs" is so important. How will you ever know if you're actually on track, if you can't evaluate how you're own needs are being met. Nice job Stephanie!
Stephanie Cannoe
Laura Greenwald SO important, very true. Thanks!
Love this perspective.

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