Self-care Is the Spark to Be Inspired: How to Add Some Sprinkles to Your Day by Stephanie Cannoe

3 years ago
Self-care Is the Spark to Be Inspired: How to Add Some Sprinkles to Your Day

Each morning, I aim to spend 10 to 30 minutes with myself. As a working divorced mom with two young kids, this time is very important. I don’t think it matters what you choose to do, but I do know that carving out this time is essential. When I wake, I:

  • Sit on my meditation pillow and listen to my thoughts.
  • Listen to my heart to deeply connect with God.
  • Listen to my own needs and to what needs my loving attention.

My practice is to listen. When I have my kids this time is often interrupted, but then I go back to my pillow and continue. With so many things pulling me outside of myself daily, I need time and space to reconnect. Connection is the necessary spark! 

I want to make the donuts with intention and purpose adding my special touch – a few rainbow sprinkles – to be inspired!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this, Stephanie Cannoe ! You are so right, this time should be sacred!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thanks for this much-needed reminder, @scannoe. This is so important and something I know I need to work on.
Erin Musto
After a run around day.... i feel empty and exhausted but sleep doesn't come. Thanks for the 'spark' reminder

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