Listen Up, "This Is Us" Rebecca: Addiction Is Rarely "Convenient" & Will Always Be a Battle! by Heather Murphy-Fritz

7 years ago

Listen Up, "This Is Us" Rebecca: Addiction Is Rarely "Convenient" & Will Always Be a Battle!

At a pivotal moment during "This Is Us" this week, Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore) stated to her husband that his alcoholism kept resurfacing at "convenient" times. This is a common thought among the friends and family of addicts. Addiction is a complex disease and has roots in the brain, environment and unhealthy coping skills. 

One of the tenets of a 12-step program is learning how to accept life on life's terms. This may seem relatively simple to someone on the outside looking in; however, it is Mt. Everest to someone seeking recovery from addiction. The stressors and demons they have been repressing will quickly and violently come to the surface as they have voluntarily removed their primary coping skill: using a substance. Rebecca, it's time to visit

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Heather Murphy-Fritz, I cannot love this enough! Your words are perfect. Thank you for writing about this raw and difficult topic.
Heather Webb Coolbaugh
Well said Heather. I couldn't agree more!
Kaspars Sprogis
Little off-topic about the show - "This Is Us" has an outstanding story telling and cast. Haven't watch anything like it and so human for a long time. Definitely suggesting for everyone to watch it.
Elisa Schmitz
Wow! I have been wanting to watch this show, and now I will, for sure. Thank you for sharing this important message, Heather Murphy-Fritz . And thank you for the comments, Renee Herren Heather Webb Coolbaugh and Kaspars Sprogis !!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for this important tip, Heather Murphy-Fritz! I hope the show will continue to cover this topic, and in a responsible way.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds & Kaspars Sprogis : This is Us has quickly become my favorite show. I agree completely about the storytelling, Kaspars! I'm already looking forward to next season!
Christine Jones
I was late to the game on this show @heatherMurphy-Fritz but so glad I jumped in with gusto! Excited to watch the last couple of episodes while on spring break! Truly one of the nest pieces of writing out there!
Donna John
This show is still amazing. Who watches it???

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