Mom, Want to Be Happy? Then I Have a Challenge for You! Read This! by Kim Kusiciel

4 years ago
Mom, Want to Be Happy? Then I Have a Challenge for You! Read This!

A friend of mine reminded me of something important last night when she said she was going to do one thing that made her happy each day. As moms, we run ourselves ragged and it's easy to get caught up in our kids’ schedules, the laundry, our spouse’s needs and even volunteer duties. But, are all of those things making you happy?

No? If not (or even if they do), I challenge you to brainstorm a list of 15-20 things that make you happy. Then, decide to do at least one of those things a day until you've done everything on your list. For me, I will add in reading, a hot cup of tea and dancing. (I LOVE to dance.) We all need to practice a little self-care and self-love! Don't worry about that email – you can take care of that later.

Happy Mom = Happy Kids

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this, Kim Kusiciel ! You are so so so right. And, I will try and make my list (and check it twice - a day)!! Thanks so much! xoxo
Anneli Riismaa
This is so true! A few minutes of self care a day can go a long way!
Shannon Watanuki
Even making the list will make me happy! Fun challenge...
Kim Kusiciel
Thanks! It is a fun challenge. :) Shannon Watanuki you must submit some tips!! I'd love to see what you have to share.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I'm doing one right now- I'm at Starbucks reading #30Seconds tips! Thanks, Kim Kusiciel !

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