Overcoming Tough Times: How to Defend Your Inner Space by Dr. Christina Hibbert

3 years ago

As a psychologist, I've experienced terrible things with my clients, and in my personal life, I've been through many painful trials as well. One thing I've learned that has helped me deal with all these challenges is this: Defend your inner space.

To do this, I like to imagine a giant bubble surrounds me. It's clear, so I can see and hear and feel everything I need to; I can have compassion and help those around me. BUT, nothing sticks to me. I can leave it at work and not take it home with me.

Whatever's happening in the world around us, we mustn't let it seep into our hearts, minds, and souls and change who we are or who we're seeking to become. Yes, when life feels out of control, defend your inner space.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is such a great visual to keep in mind, Dr. Christina Hibbert ! Dieter Schmitz tells me I need to do this, and it's so hard to do. Thank you for the great inspiration!
Stephanie Cannoe
When the occasion calls for it and/or When feeling raw and vulnerable, I call on spirit and my pink green bubble! Love this tip!!

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