Can You Get Your Aerobic Exercise From Yoga? It Depends... by Nicole DeAvilla

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a year ago
Can You Get Your Aerobic Exercise From Yoga? It Depends...

My typical answer to my yoga therapy students is the same: “It depends.” Not all yoga elevates heart rate or increases oxygen consumption the same. All forms of yoga bestow many health benefits: 

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • stress reduction 
  • enhanced sense of well-being 

Two newly published studies say it depends on the type of yoga you practice. To get aerobic conditioning you need to practice fast moving or power yoga. For example, the well-known Sun Salutation practiced rapidly is aerobic. If it works for you to safely practice power yoga, that’s fine. However, you may want to combine a traditional style of yoga practice with a brisk walk, hike, swim or dancing to safely maximize health benefits.

Read more about these studies via The New York Times here!

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