Stay Healthy & Positive This Winter: Why It's Important to Keep Moving! by Erica Hornthal

Stay Healthy & Positive This Winter: Why It's Important to Keep Moving!

Movement can help us stay healthy this winter by boosting our immune system. Here's how!

  • Improve Lymphatic System: Our immune system is directly affected by the buildup of fluids in the body, specifically the lymphatic system. We can improve our lymphatic system function through rhythmic activity, such as skin brushing, exercise and massage. Continuing to stimulate circulation and movement of fluids within the body can help maintain a healthier immune system.
  • Enhance Mood: Movement encourages a healthy mental outlook, which also influences our ability to ward off illness. Positive emotions can improve our immune system while negative ones suppress it.

The bottom line? Keep moving to improve overall physical and mental health this winter. And hang in there, summer will be here soon!

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Yes, Erica Hornthal! Great first tip, thank you! Welcome to our 30Seconds tribe!! 😀
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