Healthy Gut Bacteria May Prove Beneficial In the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease! by Nicole DeAvilla

7 years ago

Healthy Gut Bacteria May Prove Beneficial In the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease!

Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that affects brain cells. Until recently, scientists primarily focused on studying the disease process in the brain. More research is now looking at the gut; specifically, the bacteria that resides in it. CNBC reports that scientists in the U.S. and Europe teamed up to take a look at the gut connection, and their findings were published in the journal Cell.

The researchers found that the presence, or lack of, certain bacteria may be associated with the disease. Parkinson's patients may have too much of a certain type of “bad” bacteria and too little “good” bacteria. 

More research needs to be done, but science may suggest that taking super-supplements, stronger than you can get in health food stores, of probiotics may be the answer to treating Parkinson’s disease. In the meantime, let’s all eat more yogurt! Read about this study on CNBC here.

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Donna John
So interesting, Nicole DeAvilla! Thanks for sharing this important health information!
Nicole DeAvilla
We are learning more and more about the brain-gut connection. A good reminder for all of us to have healthy diets.
Jo Khalifa
It seems our forefathers new more back in the day with active cultures. I love my homemade sauerkraut with all of the probiotic benefits too
Nicole DeAvilla
I haven't made home-made sauerkraut, but I know it's really good for you! Glad you are making it Jo Khalifa . Yes, we can learn from the wisdom of our elders.
Elisa Schmitz
I take probiotics every day. Thanks for sharing this great tip and how important a healthy gut is, Nicole DeAvilla! Donna John Jo Khalifa
Nicole DeAvilla
Me too. This is one more motivation to keep on taking them.

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