Want to Get That Healthy Body Fast? 3 Things You Need to Know! by Heather Frey

6 years ago

Want to Get That Healthy Body Fast? 3 Things You Need to Know!

You're constantly trying to figure out that magical fitness bullet. What are the right food combinations? Best fat-blasting workout? A secret supplement to get me there FAST? Let me save you a lot of time, there is:

  1. no one right way to eat
  2. no one right workout
  3. it's not fast

That’s the truth, and the sooner you know it the sooner you can get on with it. Weird diets only slow you down because they absolutely don’t work, so you keep starting over, and over, and over… But here’s the good news. The way to that tight, sleek, healthy body relatively FAST? Do it the right way consistently!

  • purge your pantry
  • stock up on produce and protein
  • make a strict date with your workouts four days a week

If you did it the right way from the moment you wanted to get fit you'd already be there. START.

Elisa Schmitz
I love this tip, Heather Frey! You always tell it like it is, not just what we want to hear. There are no shortcuts. By the way, I'm kind of bumming at the moment because my knee is starting to bother me - I'm thinking the 10K a day that I've been doing may be finally catching up to me as an overuse injury, as you cautioned me about! :-(
Heather Frey
I hate that I'm only right this moment seeing your comment... yes, that's a lot of running! Did you pull back?

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