Emotional Wellness: Hats Off to Feeling Good (& Sayin’ So)! by Gail Harris

5 years ago
Emotional Wellness: Hats Off to Feeling Good (& Sayin’ So)!

Moms, what’s the use of feeling good, if you don’t even realize it? You may think I jest, but with parenting and everything else on our plate, we can be buzzing around on automatic pilot and forgo self-awareness. We can be having a great time and miss the whole thing!

This is a gentle reminder: feeling your two feet on the ground, being present to your surroundings, knowing how you feel – even when confused or sad – are vital for making the best choices, recognizing those magical synchronicities, having fun. In short, living a full and vibrant life. A spiritual one, too. Self-awareness is everything.

So, the next time you realize that you’re alive and strong and powerful, say out loud and with feeling, “I dig myself.” Then wait and see what happens.

Gail Harris
So cool! Thank you. you made my morning. Kelli Schulte
Gail Harris
Thanks @elisa. You know I dig you, too.

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