Want to Lose Weight? Calories Should Not Be Top Priority (Here's What Should)! by Heather Frey

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7 years ago

Want to Lose Weight? Calories Should Not Be Top Priority (Here's What Should)!

If you grew up in a time when calories ruled, when all that mattered was how much you ate rather than what you ate, then you may actually be patting yourself on the back for starving yourself all day. The truth is, you're simply teaching your body how to conserve calories, not burn them. Our bodies are clever machines designed for survival. Your body isn't going to give up all its protective padding (AKA fat) so easily, especially if it thinks it won't get any nourishment most of the day.

If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, you have to EAT. You have to reprogram your thinking and tell yourself you're defeating your purpose, especially if you're working out. You can't get fit without food. You have to put into it what you want out of it. Think quality (nutrients) of food, not calories.

Mei Marcie
Thanks for this Heather Frey ! For some strange reason, I'm putting on weight!!! I look a little more muscular (or is it my imagination?) but I've never been able to build muscles even though I do at least weekly weights class and every weekday cardio/ abs class. Getting paranoid thinking whether I'm putting on fats or putting on muscles!
Heather Frey
Hi Mei Marcie! A few things - First, are you eating enough protein? And are you lifting enough weight to build muscle? Those 2 elements are absolutely necessary. First, protein is your building block to make muscle so without enough there's nothing for your body to build with. Secondly, you need to lift weights heavy enough to give you a struggle at 10 to 15 reps. In order for muscles to grow you need to let them know they need to get stronger! So you have to lift heavy enough to let them know that. And lastly, really examine your nutrition. A food journal is a sure fire way to get to the bottom of things. Write down EVERYTHING, even the bites and nibbles. It's a great way to see where tweeks and changes can be made. Remember - Protein and good carbs at every meal feed your fitness, your vitamin and mineral needs, your fiber needs and energy needs!
Naimah Razak
great read. i like your suggestion above of a food journal- sometimes we don't realize how much that little nibble adds up.

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