Do You Feel Easily Rejected? What You Can Do to Help! by Doctor Harmony

6 years ago

Do You Feel Easily Rejected? What You Can Do to Help!

Past hurt and rejection can make it hard for us to move on. It can make us more sensitive to rejection, criticism and conflict. It can also affect our parenting as we become fearful of setting limits with our children, in case they reject us or rebel. We can feel depressed, alone and misunderstood. What can help?

  • Most importantly, you need to know that you are loveable – flaws and all. You are the longest friend you can ever have.
  • Be kind to yourself. When you take care of your body, mind and soul, you are proving to yourself you are loveable, just as you take care of your child.
  • When others disagree, reject or criticize you, it will not matter as much as you know you are still loveable. It will also be easier to take it as constructive criticism to learn from.

That's healthy self-esteem!

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