Weight Loss Hacks: What You Need to Drink to Help You Lose Weight! by Jennifer Young

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6 years ago
Weight Loss Hacks: What You Need to Drink to Help You Lose Weight!

Did you know that drinking enough water can aid you in weight loss and health goals? Here are five things you need to know!

  1. It is recommended that a person drink half of his or her body weight in ounces every day, and more if you are active or exercise.
  2. Choosing water over a sports drink can help in weight loss because you aren't consuming those extra unwanted calories.
  3. By drinking enough water you will help yourself be a more "regular" person (aka not constipated). If you’re eating a lot of fiber this is especially true.
  4. Water helps to move vitamins and nutrients in your body.
  5. Not drinking enough water can make the brain confuse thirst for hunger, therefore making you eat more.

Tired of plain ol’ water? Try electrolyte water or "spice up" your water with lemons, cucumber or mint.

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