5 Factors That Can Cause Changes in a Woman's Breasts! by Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach

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7 years ago

5 Factors That Can Cause Changes in a Woman's Breasts!

Hormones can cause us to have changes in our breasts. Menstrual cycles, pregnancy, breastfeeding, birth control and menopause can all be a factor. 

  • During pregnancy and while breastfeeding your breasts will feel, and sometimes look, different due to milk glands. 
  • If you’re taking birth control or have menopausal hormone therapy your breasts can become dense. 
  • As we approach menopause our breasts can become tender even if we are not having our period. 

In all these life phases it’s important to keep the conversation going with your doctor about breast changes.

Elisa Schmitz
This is fascinating info, Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach ! Thank you for sharing. So helpful!

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