Beyond Lumps: 2 Other Signs of Breast Cancer to Watch For! by Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach

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a year ago
Beyond Lumps: 2 Other Signs of Breast Cancer to Watch For!

When women think of changes to their breasts that might indicate breast cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is a lump. But there are other changes to the breast women need to think about as well, like:

  • inverted nipples 
  • changes in the breasts’ skin texture

If you have any changes in your breasts, talk to your doctor. There doesn’t have to be a lump for a cancer diagnosis. Even if you’re breastfeeding or going through menopause, be sure to talk to your doctor about any changes in your breasts.

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Thank you for this very important health tip for women, Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach!

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