You Won't Be Able to Forget This Gelato Affogato Recipe: "Indelible" Author Shares 2 Ways to Make This Coffee-based Italian Dessert by Laurie Buchanan, Author

2 years ago

You Won't Be Able to Forget This Gelato Affogato Recipe: "Indelible" Author Shares 2 Ways to Make This Coffee-based Italian Dessert

On page 84 of my book, Indelible, Niall MacCullough serves gelato affogato in the Ink Well for dessert. Affogato means "drowned" in Italian. There are two ways to make this delicious gelato affogato recipe: The easy way – buy vanilla gelato already made. Or Niall's way, from scratch.

Cuisine: Italian
Prep Time: 0 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes to brew espresso
Total Time: 5 minutes

Easy Method


Here's how to make it: 

  1. Pour a shot of espresso over vanilla gelato for a sublimely simple dessert. 
  2. If you want to dress it up a bit, you can top it with whipped creamBiscotti are a natural accompaniment.

Niall MacCullough's Method

Prep Time: 5 plus hours to chill and freeze
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time:  5 plus hours

Servings: 8 to 10


Here's how to make it:

  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, whisk together the milk, cream and salt. Heat until bubbles form around the edges of the pan.
  2. In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar. Slowly add the warm milk mixture, stirring constantly until blended. If using a vanilla bean, stir in the seeds now. 
  3. Transfer the mixture to a clean saucepan set over medium-low heat. Cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the custard thickens and a finger drawn across the back of the spoon leaves a path, 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. Pour the custard through a fine-mesh sieve over a clean bowl. If using vanilla paste, stir in now. Place the bowl in a larger one filled halfway with ice and water and let cool, stirring occasionally. Refrigerate for about 2 hours.
  5. Put the custard into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions. Transfer the gelato to a chilled container, cover and freeze for at least 3 hours or up to three days.
  6. Scoop the gelato into glasses or bowls and pour one shot of espresso over each portion. Serve immediately.

Indelible: not able to be forgotten or removed

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Donna John
This sounds absolutely delicious, Laurie Buchanan, Author ! I love gelato. Going to check out your book, too. Hope to see more recipes from your characters (or you). :)
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, this looks amazing! Dieter Schmitz is an affogato fan, so I may be making this soon. Thank you for sharing, Laurie Buchanan, Author , and can't wait to read your book! Welcome to 30Seconds.
What a cool idea...

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