How to Use Radish Greens: Why Radish Leaves Don't Belong in a Compost Pile by Donna John

How to Use Radish Greens: Why Radish Leaves Don't Belong in a Compost Pile

Have you ever just wanted a salad, but when you open the fridge your lettuce is brown and not edible? When this happened to me the other day, I asked myself, "WWAD (what would Alison do)?" Alison Mountford, that is, 30Seconds contributor and founder of ends+stems.

After surveying the ingredients I did have, the radish tops caught my eye. What would they taste like? Turns out, they are delicious! The peppery, strong taste of the radish leaves reminded me of watercress. No, collard greens. Well, maybe arugula. Let's skip the comparisons and just say they make a very tasty salad.

Here's how to prepare the radish leaves:

  • Cut them from the radishes at the base.
  • Wash well to remove any sand and grit.
  • Cut or tear into desired-size pieces. 

But what about nutrition? According to, radish leaves contain vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin A, antioxidants, potassium, folic acid, fiber and protein. And I was throwing these in the garbage?

To my salad I added sliced radishes (of course!), slices of sweet pepper, red onion, freshly ground black pepper, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Make your entire salad using the radish leaves, or combine with your favorite lettuce to make an interesting flavor combination.

One thing is for sure: radish leaves are one "ends and stems" item that won't be wasted again.

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Chef Gigi
Brilliant idea Chef ! Thanks for sharing. Never giving them to the rabbits again! All mine! Bawahhhh
Elisa Schmitz
I never would have thought of this. Great suggestion, Donna John !
Sheri B Doyle
This sounds delicious. I am so excited to try it. Why didn't I ever think of this???
Donna John
I know, right? I started using the celery leaves, too, after Salata featured them as their topping of the month. They are really good, but strong. You've gotta like the flavor of celery.
Albert Fouerti
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