Mindfulness in the Kitchen: How Being Mindful When Cooking Can Save You Money! by Chef Gigi Gaggero, Our 30Seconds Resident Chef

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3 years ago
Mindfulness in the Kitchen: How Being Mindful When Cooking Can Save You Money!

We hear the word "mindful" everywhere. Did you know we can also apply mindfulness in the kitchen? How you ask? Reducing food waste is a good start. One of my dynamic culinary colleagues, Chef Alison Mountford, founder of Ends and Stems in San Francisco, Calif., taught me to repurpose everything and to strive for a 100 percent no-food waste in my own kitchen.

Below is one of the tips I decided to use, and I am committing to becoming more mindful in my daily cooking life. Chef Allison will be featured LIVE on 30Seconds Food, so make sure you catch her (more information coming soon!). She can teach you how to save money on your family food budget – and that is always welcome!

My Mindful Kitchen Tip of the Day: When there's nothing left of that wedge of Parmesan but the rind, toss it in the fridge in a resealable plastic bag. The next time you're making soup or Bolognese, drop the rind into the pot and let it simmer. It will add great umami and depth of flavor and you have just saved a chunk of change!

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Donna John
Yes! This is so important. My husband and I are empty nesters, and I found in the beginning that we were throwing away so much food. Now I cut back on certain recipes because I know the leftovers will just get thrown out, and when I make a recipe that makes a lot, I plan the second day we'll eat it. We're having leftover pesto pasta tonight with a chicken breast I saved from another recipe last night. Making it work! It feels good to not throw out so much. And I always throw my Parmesan rinds in my sauce! So excited to learn more from you, Chef Gigi Gaggero and Alison Mountford !
Chef Gigi Gaggero, Our 30Seconds Resident Chef
Donna John wow, that certainly is a transition alright! In more ways than one. Good to know you are mindful in the kitchen. Chef Alison has really made me think. Her business , “Ends and Stems” also publishes weekly meal plans! I can’t wait to interview her for #30SecondFood the web channel.

We will definitely pick up more money saving tips- and feel good about not wasting along the way!!

Thanks for sharing ! 🍳
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Brilliant tip! You wouldn’t think of mindfulness being part of cooking, but it really is! Thanks for this great tip, Chef Gigi Gaggero . Can’t wait to see your interview with Alison Mountford !

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