How to Make a Mind-blowing Charcuterie Board in 6 Steps! by Donna John

2 years ago
How to Make a Mind-blowing Charcuterie Board in 6 Steps!

Yes, it’s hard to say, but a charcuterie board (shar-kood-eree) is an explosion of flavors and a must for any wine party – any party, actually. And you don’t need to pronounce it right, but you need to make it right! Here’s the ingredients you’ll need to make the perfect charcuterie plate:

  • Cured and dried meats – The meats are the stars of the plate. Think cured ham, salami, pancetta, prosciutto, sopressata, dry chorizo, capocollo, mortadella.
  • Salty sides – Pickles, like gherkins, black and/or green olives, pepperoncinis and even pickled veggies add the much-needed brininess to the plate.
  • Bread and/or crackers – While not required, no one has ever been offended when offered bread. Slice up a freshly baked baguette and put out unseasoned crackers (remember, the meat needs to shine here not the crackers).
  • Spreads – Mustard, pate, tapenade and hummus are good options that pair well with the bread and meats. You could also add a sweet element with preserves like pear, fig or apricot.
  • Cheeses – No, this isn’t a meat and cheese platter, but who doesn’t love a bite of cheese, especially if wine is involved. Chevre (goat cheese), burrata, aged provolone, Brie, Gruyere, Gouda, blue cheese and a chunk of aged Parmesan or Grana Padano won’t be frowned upon.
  • Fruits – Again, not required, but dried fruits work especially well (dates, golden raisins, figs). Want something refreshing? Add a bunch of red, green or purple grapes. 

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My guilty pleasure! A platter like this and a glass of wine, and you've got dinner! Donna John Dieter Schmitz

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