Recognizing Good Dads: Some "A" List Tips to Show Love & Support to the Good Men In Your Life by Jeff Jackson

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10 months ago

Recognizing Good Dads: Some "A" List Tips to Show Love & Support to the Good Men In Your Life

We hear every day about the bad men and dads in our society. But we all know that the overwhelming majority of men and dads are good and do the right thing to take care of their families. Unfortunately, men don’t always converse freely and openly, so their social needs may not always be met. 

Here is a list of "A's" to support the men and fathers in your life:

  • Acknowledge – Sometimes just noticing what a man or father in your life is doing or has done is a good first step. He went to work or read to the kids or any of hundreds of other things.
  • Appreciate – "Thank you" is a magic phrase both when you say it to someone and when you hear it. Believe it or not, men and dads love to hear this.
  • Affection – The need for physical touch and comfort is as basic a need as humans have. The man in your life will relish any sign of affection you initiate. The choice of which sign is yours, of course.
  • Article – Maybe some guys wouldn’t like the extra attention of you writing an article on any social media platform telling the world about him. I don’t know any of those guys. Your guy will love it. (30Seconds is a great place to do it!) 

Everybody has a husband, dad, brother or son who could use an encouraging word or soft ear. Men's lives depend on it. 

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Elisa Schmitz
This is wonderful, Jeff Jackson . I love that you shared this with us. Many men and many relationships will benefit from reading this! #truth
Jeff Jackson
Thank you, Elisa. I'm glad you liked it. Thank 30Seconds for publishing it. I felt compelled to give not only give a shout to all the good men out there, which is most of them/us, but to give some insight to the people who love them that they need some love, too. Thanks again!
This is fantastic! I needed to read this!
Jeff Jackson
Thanks, Renee. I'm glad you like it.
Laura Allen-Davis
thanks! I think you wrote this for me. I will be using these tips with "My Boo" aka My Husband :)
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this, Jeff. Thanks for writing it.

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