Parental Influence: Mom & Dad, Are You Being a Good Influence on Your Kids? by Roma Khetarpal

5 years ago

Parental Influence: Mom & Dad, Are You Being a Good Influence on Your Kids?

We’re often quick to let our children know what company they should keep and who might be the “bad” influences on them. As kids get older, they have a tendency to emulate peers who might dress controversially or behave inappropriately. What we seldom realize, however, is that we are the ones who, first and foremost, end up shaping the adults our children become and who influence most the choices that they make. So what defines “good” parental influence?

  • Take frequent trips inward to reflect on what you value that has been passed on to you from the adults in your life. And take a personal inventory of what you do not value and do not want to pass on to your kids.
  • Accept and respect children for who they are and what they stand for. Each child comes into this world with his or her own unique gifts, traits and quirks.
  • Make sure your influence is worth passing on. We can only teach our children to experience the true essence of life if we know how to do so ourselves.

Take a journey inward and identify how you want to positively influence your children.

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Elisa Schmitz
Excellent point, Roma Khetarpal ! We need to look ourselves in the mirror first. Thank you! Tools Of Growth

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