Positive Thinking & Its Effect on Health & Wellness: 5 Easy Ways to Be More Positive by Keith Sereduck

2 years ago

Positive Thinking & Its Effect on Health & Wellness: 5 Easy Ways to Be More Positive

It's no secret that being positive can affect your health and well-being in countless ways. If it is, you haven't been listening hard enough.

You don't have to be someone who constantly battles an invisible chronic pain disease like me to have a need to raise your level of positivity. If you are, then even better. Here are my top tips for being more positive:

  • Smile! Smiling and laughing not only reduce stress, but also relax and stretch your facial muscles. Smiling releases endorphins that can help change your mood in an instant. The best part? Faking it works! If you can smile big enough to wrinkle the skin near your eyes, then you're on your way to being happier whether you really are or not.
  • Sing like no one's listening. In your car. In the shower. In public. Anywhere. Everywhere. Singing elevates your mood and is another good way to lower your blood pressure. Also, as with laughing, singing brings more oxygen into your lungs.
  • Change the way you look at things. Easy one for me. I don't struggle or suffer with fibromyalgia, I fight it. I'm not "in pain." It hurts a little now and I'm going to occupy myself until it passes – which it will. Which brings me to...
  • Find a hobby, something to occupy your time. I've recently discovered a love for painting. Never thought about whether I would be good or not, just wanted to do it. And, you know what? I love it. It makes me happy. My whole family is now becoming involved as a result. So, whether it's reading, a book club, writingrunning – get out there and do it. Your newfound happiness will spread to those around you!
  • Challenge your negativity. Your body believes everything it hears. If you fill it with negative thoughts, it will respond. If you fill it with positive ones, it will hear you and respond just the same. Try this: The next time a negative thought fills your head, think of a positive one. Heck, think of two. Train yourself to see the good in everything, and everyone (including yourself) will see the good in you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get out there and create some positivity!

Photo: Painting by Keith Sereduck

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Rick St. Peter
I love the painting Keith!!
Keith Sereduck
Thanks! I think im getting the hang of it!
Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tip, and amazing painting! Thank you for sharing your perspective and your art with us, Keith Sereduck ! :-) #staypositive
Debbie Howard
Great food for thought, Keith - and I live your painting!
Michael Kennedy
This is fantastic Keith! #StayPositive
Keith Sereduck
Thanks. I probably enough things for 2 more tips lol. I sense a sequel brewing....
Sheri B Doyle
Great tips. Meditating helps me a lot. I like your painting. It reflects a positive whimsical attitude. Thanks for sharing!
Interesting post, Thanks!
You are spot on. Right there with you! 🙌🏼
Tim Han
Very Nice Keith !! Thanks for sharing

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