Kids & Concerts: Just Do It, Mom & Dad (From U2 to Taylor Swift)! by Michael Kennedy

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5 years ago

Kids & Concerts: Just Do It, Mom & Dad (From U2 to Taylor Swift)!

Many moons ago, we hopped a bus to the L train, L train to the Broad Street Subway and off to the Philadelphia Spectrum to see U2 on their first major arena tour with their record, The Unforgettable Fire. Drenched in sweat and wading on crushed floor seats three hours later we had witnessed the beginning of a musical revolution and a rock-and-roll journey matched by very few, tonight we get to do it again. Dozens of shows, hundreds of friends and as many memories and the road continues … this time with my kids.

My 10-year-old and 8-year-old have been to many shows in their short span (yes, they wear ear protection and we stay in the age lane), but hopefully, they’ll pull out these nugget memories of performance and happiness for years to come. Concerts, shows, theater and even the local school plays. Show them the path early and let them build a foundation and of music and the arts for their lifetime. Walk away from the screens and get out in the open. Live performance without a net is something pretty special to see and let’s be honest, “What was your first concert?” is a great conversation starter for years to come!

Taylor Swift Friday night, anyone?

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Donna John
Yes!! I'm a big concert goer. Love concerts! I started going when I was probably 7 or 8. Six Flags used to have concerts, and I thought I was so cool. lol I started taking my own kids when they were young. Always a good time!
Michael Kennedy
Ha! So great! I should have asked what was everyone's first concert was at the bottom! I know Six Flags well, Kool and the Gang and REO Speedwagon every summer!
Donna John
My first "real" concert was Asia. I was 14 and my mom made my older cousin take me and my friend. :-) Those concerts at Six Flags were great! REO, Billy Idol, Wham! lol
Michael Kennedy
Thanks Cassiday!
T-Swizzle tonight LOL. Never a dull moment!
Elisa Schmitz
I love this, Michael Kennedy ! I took my twin daughters to see Katy Perry for their first concert. We had a total blast!! Here's a picture of us outside the United Center. My first concert was Michael Jackson, a gift from my dad when I turned 16! #RockOn
Michael Kennedy
WOW, MJ, what an amazing first show! I was in 6th grade and my uncle took me to the Rolling Stones and Journey!
Katy P is a great show, we are heading to T-Swizzle and Pink both this week. #Girlpower
Keith Sereduck
My boys are 8 and 6 and haven't been to any yet. That said, they both love Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, who happen to be touring together this summer. Hmmmm. Sounds like a good first concert to me!
Michael Kennedy
Dude, that's wild. Be sure to invest in noise-reducing headphones. Those guys tend to get a little loud. LOL.
Keith Sereduck
If we go, definitely. I've actually seen both many times throughout the years. Even met zombie a couple times. Great times!

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